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Our classes are more than just workouts – they're an experience. Join our expert trainers in high-energy sessions designed to boost your endurance, torch calories, and leave you feeling empowered. From heart-pumping circuits to strength-building compound movements, we've got a class for every fitness level. Join the community, crush your goals, and make every workout count. Your journey to a fitter, stronger, and happier you starts here.



Join Trainer Elizabeth every other Thursday at 6PM for our free Boot Camp. This gives you the chance to tryout our calorie scorching class before having to commit to anything. We are confident it will lead to you wanting more. 


Join Trainer Elizabeth for a full body workout, optimizing your time and effort, to reach new levels in your fitness journey! Whether you're a beginner or advanced she has a spot for you.


This class is designed to emphasize functional movements and integrates exercises that mimic real-life activities, ensuring you build strength that translates seamlessly into your daily routine. From lifting and carrying to bending and reaching, every move is purposeful.

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10 Class Pack

Gives access to 10 classes

Expires after 3 months

20 Class Pack

Gives access to 20 classes

Expires after 3 months


Gives access to unlimited classes



This dynamic and fun program is specially designed to introduce children to the fundamentals of strength and conditioning in a safe and enjoyable environment. Through engaging activities and age-appropriate exercises, kids will learn essential skills like coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength. Our experienced instructors focus on fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity, promoting teamwork, and instilling healthy habits from an early age.

July ReneGator's Kids Clinic
July ReneGator's Kids Clinic
Jul 06, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Renegade Strength and Performance,
4130 Fourier Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46818, USA


Our challenges are designed to do exactly that, challenge you! Set goals and crush them with the help of our calorie-scorching classes, personalized nutritional guidance, and dedicated accountability coaching. Plus, a full refund awaits you upon reaching your goals that can be used towards any of our memberships, classes, or other challenges. 

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Spring Challenge 

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